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November 5 – Guy Fawkes Day 2019

Guy Fawkes Day 2019

Guy Fawkes Day is a British observance celebrated every year on 5th November.  Guy Fawkes Day is also known as “Bonfire Night” or “Guy Fawkes Night.” It is an anti-Catholic celebration.  This special day has been celebrated for four hundred years as a holiday with bonfire parties, fireworks, parades, elaborate costumes, and fireworks lit nationwide commemorating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot.

Guy Fawkes Day History:

The history of Guy Fawkes Day began with the revolutionary event of 5th November 1605. On the 5th of November in 1605, under the leadership of Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes attempted to kill King James I and blow up the Houses of Parliament in Britain. But the plan has failed and Guy Fawkes was caught guarding a stash of gunpowder beneath the House of Lords. And later, celebrating the Gunpowder plot’s failure “The Observance of 5th November Act 1605,” was passed by the Parliament of England, in 1606 which is also known as the “Thanksgiving Act”. Since that day British people are celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with an excuse to have a firecracker of a party.

Guy Fawkes Day 2019

How to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day 2019?

Here are some ideas to celebrate this very old and ancient observance, check out them!

  • Bonfire is a traditional part of this celebration, so invite your friends for a bonfire party and burn down all your old woods.
  • You can make some Effigies using old clothes to throw into your bonfire or can buy some from your nearby Guy Fawkes stall which exactly looks like Guy Fawkes face.
  • As it falls on the cold days of November, so don’t forget to cook hot soup, grilled potatoes, parking cake, and of course mulled wine that will keep you warm.
  • Participate in a Guy Fawkes parade wearing a Guy Fawkes mask is a fun way to immerse yourself in Guy Fawkes Day celebration.
  • Take your friends or family to watch a fireworks show. It will be a great option to have a big amount of joy by paying a small entrance fee.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Now, it’s time to share some extra tips. Be careful about the use of petrol or alcohol to kick-start a bonfire, this can cause serious kinds of accidents. And, never drive home if you are dunked in alcohol.

All Saints’ Day 2019 – Friday, 1st November

All Saints' Day 2019 - Friday, 1st November

All Saints’ Day is a Christian observance celebrated worldwide among the Catholic Christian Church, Protestant denominations and some of the Orthodox Churches in honor of all the departed saints. The ceremonial event also called All Hallows Day, Hallowmas and Feast of All Saints. It’s a day to pay tribute to all the known and unknown saints in the Haven.

All Saints' Day 2019 - Friday, 1st November

All Saints’ Day History:

The first-ever celebration of All Saints’ Day was recorded in the early 4th century. On May 13 in 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV declared it as a sacred commemoration in the name of Madam Marry and all the Martyrs. And, from the mid-8th century All Saints Day moved to November 1st by Pope Gregory III as a holy day.

Since then it was being celebrated annually on 1st November. People of Western Europe, America and Philippine celebrate All Saints’ Day on 1st November, on the other hand, people of Eastern Europe and Western Asia celebrates this day on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

How to Celebrate All Saints’ Day:

Do you need some inspiration and ideas on a celebration of this very day? Here are some super fun ways to celebrate All Saints’ Day with your kith and kin.

  • As it is a day of the feast, don’t forget to serve soul cakes along with your other favorite dishes.
  • Keep it religious by praying for the dead and visiting your nearby cemeteries all together with your family and relatives.
  • To decorate your home with an All Saints Day theme carve a pumpkin with Christian symbols, do reverse Trick or Treat game or read a famous saint’s story to teach your children about the saints.
  • Help your children dress exactly as like their favorite saint and shoot the fun time on your video camera and post on Instagram with the hashtag #allsaintsday
  • Arrange an All Saints’ Day Party. There won’t be any better way to celebrate All Saints’ Day than with a party.
  • Along with your local church, neighborhood or community you can host an All Saints’ Trunk or Treat event.
  • Make donuts and deliver it to the needy people, it will be holy compassion to humanity.

Gear up yourself with all the way possible to honor all those saints who have entranced haven and praise the spiritual connection between Heaven and Earth.

October 31 – Halloween Day 2019

31st August - Halloween Day

“Halloween”, the spookiest holiday of the year is dedicated to commemorating our beloved dead and all the devoted departed soul. In different countries, it’s also called Hallowe’en, Allhallowe’en, and All Hallows’ Eve. It’s a day of tricks or treats, and have some ghostly fun with friends and family. Every year it is widely celebrated around the world on 31st October. This year Halloween Day celebration will be held on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

31st August - Halloween Day

Halloween Day History:

The oldest known source of Halloween origination is Celtic Samhain Festival which was celebrated by Gaels, Irish, Scottish, Manx, and Wiccans back about 2,000 years. Nowadays, that ancient Samhain festival Christianized as today’s Halloween by the early church and became a popular Christian Holiday. However, the modern day’s Helloween celebration is separate from ancient festivals like Samhain.

How to Celebrate Happy Halloween Day 2019?

Here are some creative ideas about how to celebrate Halloween day and add more humourous fun to this special occasion.

  • Search in Google to learn some really surprising tricks either get ready to serve treats.
  • Think about something different and prepare a Halloween costume for yourself that will outstand from all.
  • Host a special Halloween party and welcome your guests by doing the scariest prank.
  • Must buy lots of pumpkins and make a wicked Halloween decoration to win over the society.
  • Send Happy Halloween Greeting cards to your family and friends filled with some witty words.
  • To try something new you can skip Halloween Candies and bake some Monster Cookies to give as gifts.
  • Be creative with your Holiday games and arrange a theme game to enjoy the day most.
  • Pick up the perfect gourds to transform into Jack-o’-lantern.
  • Make a video of your Halloween celebration and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your near and dear ones.

Try out all sorts of exciting activities to get in on the festivities of Halloween. Funny and Horror Jokes, costume parties, treating the kids, pumpkin carving and a ghost tour through the wood at Halloween night.

October 16 – Boss’s Day 2019

16 October - Boss Day

Whatever you call it “National Boss Day” or “Boss’s Day” or “Bosses Day”, there is no doubt that your boss deserves appreciation for everything he/she did for your career and helping you to make your future bright. Also, it’s a nice time to admire your boss for his good leadership qualities, for promotion or increment and being kind throughout the whole year.

National Boss Day History:

The history of Boss Day is about seven decades old. In 1958, a corporate woman named Patricia Bays Haroski registered “National Boss’s Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and chose October 16 to celebrate this occasion. In 1962, Mr. Otto Kerner the Governor of Illinois state officially proclaimed 16th October as “National Boss’s Day.” Since then it had grown very much popular to honor the bosses, employers, managers, and supervisors.

16 October - Boss Day

How to Celebrate Boss Day 2019?

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate Boss’s Day or what to do to make your boss feel appreciated, read these ideas of Boss’s Day celebration that will suit your employee and employers relationship.

  • Send your boss a beautiful “Boss’s Day Greetings Card” with a well written “Happy Boss’s Day Message.”
  • Boss’s Day isn’t a public holiday, so it is good to plan after work celebration like throwing a grand office party to celebrate your boss in a nice way.
  • You can give your boss a basket full of flowers and send an email containing “Best Boss’s Day Wishes.”
  • If you’re thinking of any gift personally, please don’t choose something too expensive. Only go for an expensive gift if it is purchased by your team or a group of staffs.
  • To make your boss surprise leave a “Heartfelt Thank You Note” in his/her desk signing your name under it.
  • When it comes to appreciating his/her excellent leadership skill, “Inspirational Leadership Quotes” printed as a poster or typographical print will be the nicest.

In every employee’s work-life their bosses plays a great role. Even sometimes some bosses have a good impact on their employee’s personal life too. And, if you’re one of them who is blessed by such a great boss than this “Boss’s Day 2019” is your turn for giving back.

4th October – World Smile Day 2019

Best World Smile Day Quotes with Images & Pictures

The “World Smile Day” is a particular event which is celebrated annually on the first Friday of October and this year it will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019. Every year in Worcester City the “World Smile Day” continues to be celebrated by making the worlds largest human smiley face and many other fun activities. Maybe, you also desire to celebrate this day and here we’re to help you with this affair.

Best World Smile Day Quotes with Images & Pictures

World Smile Day History:

The main idea of “World Smile Day” came from the smiley face graphic icon created by Harvey Ross Ball, in 1963. History says, the first “World Smile Day” was held in 1999 with the theme “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile”, and since then it has been celebrated annually around the world on the first Friday of October. During 2001, after the death of Harvey Ross Ball the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established to honor his creation and officially promote “World Smile Day”. Now, it’s slogan is “Improving our world one smile at a time.”

World Smile Day 2019 Quotes

How to Celebrate World Smile Day?

  • Do you need some funny and creative ideas to celebrate “World Smile Day” and get your own ideas rolling? Here is a short list of ways to celebrate the day and spread smiles.
  • Do a trick, make a prank video of your best friend and published it on social media with the hashtag #worldsmileday #WSD
  • Exchange funny texts with your friends, family, colleagues and close ones to make them laugh out loud.
  • Send World Smile Day Greetings Card, SMS, Wishes & Messages to the people you want to make happy and love to see smiling.
  • Become a proud ambassador of “World Smile Day”, to do so, browse their website and register yourself.
  • Rise a fund to help needy people and buy them food, clothes or any other essential things.
  • Make a large human smiley face by running a campaign within your community or organization.

World Smile Day Wishes and Messages

“World Smile Day” brings a perfect opportunity to make the world a better place by practicing kindness and make others smile too. We hope this post will help you to spread happiness to the world with a charming smile.

October 1 – International Coffee Day 2019

International Coffee Day
International Coffee Day 2019 - Tuesday, October 1

What’s an International Coffee Day? Why would people celebrate international coffee day? Well, if these are the questions looming over your head, then don’t push your brain too hard. As we are here to relive you off those pressure!

International coffee day was first decided to become a reason of celebration on the year of 2015 in Milan, Italy and the date was selected for celebrating as October 1.

International Coffee Day
International Coffee Day 2019 – Tuesday, October 1

The International Coffee Day is chosen as a day of celebration around the world so that everyone related to the supply chain of coffee can feel they are being seen, heard by the world and the end consumers can enjoy the essence of coffee in a unique manner.

International Coffee Day History:

United Nation and ICO jointly collaborated to celebrate everyone relate to the supply chain starting from working on coffee plants, to coffee distribution around the world. To ensure everyone gets equal fair treatment and sustainable coffee production goes on, this day was created to raise awareness. So, from October 1 of 2015, this day is being celebrated to respect, raise awareness and enjoy the essence of everything that coffee is!

How to Celebrate International Coffee Day 2019?

Many countries have their own national holiday for celebrating coffee day. However internationally it’s been established that 1st October will be the celebration day of coffee. Below are some of the ways, we can celebrate the international coffee day.

  • Memorize a coffee quote or create a new one.
  • Experiment with e new flavor from your usual one.
  • Indulge yourself in coffee inspired food.
  • Share your coffee love in social media and do some fact checking regarding the plight and happiness of coffee growers.
  • Owners can start fund raising campaign for the benefit of people in coffee growing regions.

We all should ponder over the essence of celebrating this day and work towards lessening the plight that might be happening in the lives of coffee growers around the world as well as celebrate all that coffee brings in our life.