November 5 – Guy Fawkes Day 2019

Guy Fawkes Day is a British observance celebrated every year on 5th November.  Guy Fawkes Day is also known as “Bonfire Night” or “Guy Fawkes Night.” It is an anti-Catholic celebration.  This special day has been celebrated for four hundred years as a holiday with bonfire parties, fireworks, parades, elaborate costumes, and fireworks lit nationwide commemorating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot.

Guy Fawkes Day History:

The history of Guy Fawkes Day began with the revolutionary event of 5th November 1605. On the 5th of November in 1605, under the leadership of Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes attempted to kill King James I and blow up the Houses of Parliament in Britain. But the plan has failed and Guy Fawkes was caught guarding a stash of gunpowder beneath the House of Lords. And later, celebrating the Gunpowder plot’s failure “The Observance of 5th November Act 1605,” was passed by the Parliament of England, in 1606 which is also known as the “Thanksgiving Act”. Since that day British people are celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with an excuse to have a firecracker of a party.

Guy Fawkes Day 2019

How to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day 2019?

Here are some ideas to celebrate this very old and ancient observance, check out them!

  • Bonfire is a traditional part of this celebration, so invite your friends for a bonfire party and burn down all your old woods.
  • You can make some Effigies using old clothes to throw into your bonfire or can buy some from your nearby Guy Fawkes stall which exactly looks like Guy Fawkes face.
  • As it falls on the cold days of November, so don’t forget to cook hot soup, grilled potatoes, parking cake, and of course mulled wine that will keep you warm.
  • Participate in a Guy Fawkes parade wearing a Guy Fawkes mask is a fun way to immerse yourself in Guy Fawkes Day celebration.
  • Take your friends or family to watch a fireworks show. It will be a great option to have a big amount of joy by paying a small entrance fee.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Now, it’s time to share some extra tips. Be careful about the use of petrol or alcohol to kick-start a bonfire, this can cause serious kinds of accidents. And, never drive home if you are dunked in alcohol.