All Saints’ Day 2019 – Friday, 1st November

All Saints’ Day is a Christian observance celebrated worldwide among the Catholic Christian Church, Protestant denominations and some of the Orthodox Churches in honor of all the departed saints. The ceremonial event also called All Hallows Day, Hallowmas and Feast of All Saints. It’s a day to pay tribute to all the known and unknown saints in the Haven.

All Saints' Day 2019 - Friday, 1st November

All Saints’ Day History:

The first-ever celebration of All Saints’ Day was recorded in the early 4th century. On May 13 in 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV declared it as a sacred commemoration in the name of Madam Marry and all the Martyrs. And, from the mid-8th century All Saints Day moved to November 1st by Pope Gregory III as a holy day.

Since then it was being celebrated annually on 1st November. People of Western Europe, America and Philippine celebrate All Saints’ Day on 1st November, on the other hand, people of Eastern Europe and Western Asia celebrates this day on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

How to Celebrate All Saints’ Day:

Do you need some inspiration and ideas on a celebration of this very day? Here are some super fun ways to celebrate All Saints’ Day with your kith and kin.

  • As it is a day of the feast, don’t forget to serve soul cakes along with your other favorite dishes.
  • Keep it religious by praying for the dead and visiting your nearby cemeteries all together with your family and relatives.
  • To decorate your home with an All Saints Day theme carve a pumpkin with Christian symbols, do reverse Trick or Treat game or read a famous saint’s story to teach your children about the saints.
  • Help your children dress exactly as like their favorite saint and shoot the fun time on your video camera and post on Instagram with the hashtag #allsaintsday
  • Arrange an All Saints’ Day Party. There won’t be any better way to celebrate All Saints’ Day than with a party.
  • Along with your local church, neighborhood or community you can host an All Saints’ Trunk or Treat event.
  • Make donuts and deliver it to the needy people, it will be holy compassion to humanity.

Gear up yourself with all the way possible to honor all those saints who have entranced haven and praise the spiritual connection between Heaven and Earth.