October 16 – Boss’s Day 2019

Whatever you call it “National Boss Day” or “Boss’s Day” or “Bosses Day”, there is no doubt that your boss deserves appreciation for everything he/she did for your career and helping you to make your future bright. Also, it’s a nice time to admire your boss for his good leadership qualities, for promotion or increment and being kind throughout the whole year.

National Boss Day History:

The history of Boss Day is about seven decades old. In 1958, a corporate woman named Patricia Bays Haroski registered “National Boss’s Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and chose October 16 to celebrate this occasion. In 1962, Mr. Otto Kerner the Governor of Illinois state officially proclaimed 16th October as “National Boss’s Day.” Since then it had grown very much popular to honor the bosses, employers, managers, and supervisors.

16 October - Boss Day

How to Celebrate Boss Day 2019?

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate Boss’s Day or what to do to make your boss feel appreciated, read these ideas of Boss’s Day celebration that will suit your employee and employers relationship.

  • Send your boss a beautiful “Boss’s Day Greetings Card” with a well written “Happy Boss’s Day Message.”
  • Boss’s Day isn’t a public holiday, so it is good to plan after work celebration like throwing a grand office party to celebrate your boss in a nice way.
  • You can give your boss a basket full of flowers and send an email containing “Best Boss’s Day Wishes.”
  • If you’re thinking of any gift personally, please don’t choose something too expensive. Only go for an expensive gift if it is purchased by your team or a group of staffs.
  • To make your boss surprise leave a “Heartfelt Thank You Note” in his/her desk signing your name under it.
  • When it comes to appreciating his/her excellent leadership skill, “Inspirational Leadership Quotes” printed as a poster or typographical print will be the nicest.

In every employee’s work-life their bosses plays a great role. Even sometimes some bosses have a good impact on their employee’s personal life too. And, if you’re one of them who is blessed by such a great boss than this “Boss’s Day 2019” is your turn for giving back.