November 11 – Veterans Day | History & How to Celebrate Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day observed annually by the United States on 11th November. This day is specially celebrated to thank and honor all the living veterans who served the US military during World War. On this day all the deceased veterans are also remembered with honor and gratitude. It’s a day to look back on the contributions and sacrifices of veterans during wartime and peacetime.

Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day History:

Veterans Day also is known as Armistice Day, was originally set to honor the end of World War I, on November 11, 1918. Following a statutory law that was passed in 1938, November 11 was celebrated and known as “Armistice Day” honoring World War I veterans. After World War II at the urging of the “US Veterans Services Organization,” the 83rd U.S. Congress made minor changes to the Act of 1938 and wiped out the word “Armistice” and placed the word “Veterans.” Since then with the approval of this ratification on 1st June 1954, 11th November became a day to honor and show gratitude to American veterans of all wars.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day 2019?

Are you thinking about how to celebrate Veterans Day? Here are some ideas to observe and commemorate this special day, have a look?

# Participating in the National Two-Minutes of Silence will be a great way to ensure you remember the purpose of Veterans Day. Based on local time zone the moments of silence begin at 3:11 P.M.

# Make a donation, there are plenty of organizations who offer all manner of support and services for the veterans. Donating to veterans organizations is a simple but important way to celebrate Veterans Day.

# You may like to participate in the VA’s (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) #BeThere campaign and help reduce the crisis and sufferings. It is simple yet impactful actions to show your support and approachability in a time of crisis.

# Visit your nearby Veterans’ Memorial or Cemetery. Hang a flag, put flowers or leave a thank you note on the gravestone.

# Invite some veterans and host a lunch in their honor. A special lunch honoring the veterans shows your respect and appreciation in a good manner.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this Veterans Day 2019, don’t forget to think about and appreciate the contributions of all the brave men and women veterans who’ve offered their best to protect this country.