September 9 – World Heart Day 2019

September 9 – World Heart Day is the best day for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease and take care of the well being of people you love, like your family and friends. You should take a part to spread awareness about heart disease on “World Heart Day” because heart disease is one of the world’s leading cause of death which is killing 17.1 million people every year.

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On this day send your friends and family some inspirational messages, say not to smoke, eat healthy food, start exercising, and especially motivate them to take good care of their hearts. Here we are offering some of the best World Heart Day Messages and Greetings you will find helpful to express your thoughts.

World Heart Day History:

The history of “World Heart Day” isn’t too old, it is announced as an awareness day in 1999 conjugally by the World Heart Federation, and World Health Organization. The first celebration of this awareness day took place in 2000, on 24th September. Since 2011 “World Heart Day” is taking place every year on 29th September.

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How to Celebrate World Heart Day 2019?

If you need a way to celebrate this “World Heart Day 2019”, we can help you with some best ideas about how to celebrate “World Heart Day” in some particular ways. Here are the ideas, choose yours!

  • Make yourself the first priority, give up all your bad habits and prepare a plan or promise to be more careful about the sound health of your heart.
  • Send a “World Heart Day Greeting Card” to whom you care the most.
  • You can join a Healthy Heart Campaign to make people aware of the danger of heart disease.
  • Post a “World Heart Day Slogan” on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, pin on Pinterest or any of your most used social profile.
  • Help your family members to prevent tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, and unhealthy diet, also involve them in healthy physical activity.
  • Text your loved one a take care message, SMS or inspirational quote which will inspire them to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Focus on the main purpose of “World Heart Day”, do whatever it takes to have a healthy heart! Involve yourself, share your thoughts and leave a positive impact on overall health awareness.